Working at JDE in

the Czech Republic


We have offices all over the world, offering a coffee and tea for every cup.

If you’re looking to build a career in the coffee and tea industry, you’ve come to the right place.

In our offices in Prague, everyone has the opportunity to unleash the possibilities of coffee and tea across a wide range of functions including Sales, Marketing, Finance or Supply Chain. In our plant in Valašské Meziříčí you can participate directly in the production of our coffee products in various functions. 

Our determination, drive, and global impact makes us unique.



Our people have been raising the bar since day one, thinking fast and acting even faster to make an impact that’s felt around the world. We love dialogue and value debate. We challenge and support each other – it’s how we grow. And our fast-paced, focused, and positive energy keeps us moving forward.


What's in the cup

For You?


If you have the courage and confidence to venture into new cultures & territories, and you're brimming with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to succeed, you’ll fit right in at JDE. We roll up our sleeves, pitch in, and get our hands dirty to break new ground. Committed to playing at our best, we think bigger and move faster, always rising to the challenge that matters most and celebrating the wins that count.

Rapid development is the aim of our game, and growing our people is a priority. It’s why we offer our people a range of learning and development programmes to support their personal growth. We also actively encourage our people to broaden their critical experiences outside of their main expertise, creating a diverse and rewarding experience.

Our Hiring



Here’s an overview of our typical hiring process, though everyone’s journey may be slightly different depending on the role you apply for.